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Watch the game trailer of my upcoming mobile strategy MMO Arcanox: Cards vs. Castles! It will be released on March 24 for Android on Google Play.

Please thumb-up and share the trailer with everyone you know!

Jon Bailey did the epic voice-over! That makes me really happy, because I’m a huge Screen Junkies fan and love Jon’s work.
continue reading… and arranged a competition, where you can win a free copy of Grappling Hook!

To have your chance of winning, just answer the following question:
At various points during the demo there are 3 wall tags in black letters.
What do these 3 tags say?

Give the demo a playthrough, find the 3 tags, and then email your answer to
The competition will run until Thursday evening (8/10/09). The 3 winners will be picked randomly out of the emails with the right answer.
Happy hunting!

Grappling Hook Website

Grappling Hook is available for Windows PC, now!

Visit the new website, play the demo, and buy the game.

I’m very excited, because of the release and I hope you will enjoy the game.

For support and feedback visit the forum.

Latest Changes:

  • created a new website for the game  ( Special thanks to Bernhard, Stephan, Erlend, Jens, Boris, John, Jan, Aaron, and Norman for suggestions and advice! 🙂 )
  • created the demo
  • installed the forum
  • tested the full game and demo on multiple PCs ( Special thanks to Stephan, Bernhard, Charles, Erlend, John, Hans, and Roger 🙂 )
  • changed some things so the game runs on Linux ( the Linux version will be released soon. )
  • created an installer for the game
  • written the ReadMes for demo and full game
  • evaluated e-commerce services

Hey, 🙂
today I added an achievement-system, 30 achievements, and worked on the Windows deployment.
From 9 to 12 august I will take a vacation in London. When I’m back I will work with 200% energy to release Grappling Hook as soon as possible!
Do you have any recommendations for my London-trip?
What should no one miss who visits London for the first time?

Hey, 🙂 I worked on the menu in the last days:

  • Picked a better font
  • designed the logo and the 2 most important menu-screens
  • started to implement a small UI-System for the game

This is the main-menu:

Grappling Hook - Main Menu

And this is screen, where you can see your progress in the game and select the level you want to play: ( Every level will have its own thumbnail in the final version)

Grappling Hook - Level Overview

Any suggestions? 🙂

I just installed WordPress, so this will be the website for all future games I will develop.

The working title for my current project is GHook. Tomorrow I will fill this website with more informations about GHook and the development.