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The level-editor tutorial for Grappling Hook is available:
Tutorial: How to Create Levels for Grappling Hook?

It explains everything you need to know, to create levels that use all features of Grappling Hook. You can even add your level with a screenshot and challenges to the game-menu like the original ones!

Please ask questions and give feedback in the forum.

The first draft of the tutorial for the level editor is available.

Level Editor

Some advanced sections are still missing.
Please don’t hesitate to ask questions about the level-editor.
I will answer them as soon as possible and update the tutorial.

Grappling Hook Version 1.06 is available, both demo and full-version.
When you are an owner of the full version, you can download the new version here.
Your savegames will be not affected by an update.

New Level

Changes Since Version 1.05:

  • Eight new levels! These levels are especially for players, who already played through the other 22 and are looking for new challenges. Some of the new levels are non-linear, so you will be free to decide, what to do next. The new levels also feature puzzles, where you have to use the Grappling Hook in entirely new ways. Of course, there are also challenges for every new level.

  • The level editor is now fully functional and included in the full version of the game. It is now possible for everyone to include levels in the game, so they are selectable in the menu. A tutorial how to create new levels and how to add them to the game will be released within this week.

  • The developer-mode can be enable in the game options. There will be also a hint in the HUD, when it is enabled.
  • The values of the challenges for every level are now visible in the level selection screen.
  • The background-size of all on-screen-messages fits now to the amount of text.
  • You can switch now between hardware or software sound, when you experience any problems with one of them on your machine.
  • You can choose now, if you want to visit the games website, when quitting the demo.
  • Fixed a bug, that prevented the game running on 64 bit machines.
  • Fixed a bug with e-mail-addresses that contained a “+”.

Grappling Hook Demo

Progress with Level-Pack
As already announced eight additional levels for Grappling Hook will be released with the next update. That means the full version will contain 30 levels.
The first version of all new levels is finished. I’ve create nine, but will drop one of them, because it doesn’t meet my quality standards.
Some of the new levels are entirely non-linear, so you will be free to decide, what to do next.
The new levels also feature puzzles, where you have to use the Grappling Hook in entirely new ways. They are also harder than the other levels.
Polishing, testing, and improving the levels will take a few more days. Stay tuned!
This is a screenshot of one of the new levels:

New Review

The developers have done a great job of throwing out new challenges, with something new coming at you at all times. [..] the game does a wonderful job with the first-person point of view and creates a surprisingly immersive environment. Pair that with smart puzzles and plenty of fast action and you’ll stay grappling for a very long time!

Jay is Games
Please vote with some mushrooms for Grappling Hook, when you are already on the site.

Windows & Mac Version Available via GamersGate
You can buy Grappling Hook now in the GamersGate store. Some of you may prefer this.
GamersGate is a great company. The staff is helpful, responds quickly, and I really like them. They are one the most indie friendly online distributors.
I’m also in touch with some other distributors and hope to release Grappling Hook on their platforms within the next weeks.

Where have you bought games online?
What is your favorite online game store?

Hey, 🙂

London was very cool. The subway-lines have funny names like Piccadilly or Jubilee and you hear/read every 5 seconds “Mind the Gap!”.

London is full of creative street artists!

I met a bunch of cool people. Steven Spielberg gave me some great tips about story-telling.

Elvis tried to convince me I should choose “Love me Tender” as background music for Grappling Hook… I hope he is not angry that I picked some Techno/Trance/Electronic-songs. 🙂CIMG2078

Finally Lara almost killed me, because I did not gave her the Grappling Hook for her expeditions.CIMG2005

Enough offtopic. Some new Grappling Hook screenshots:ghook_4



Next week I will post samples of the music, latest changes and perhaps a new trailer.
Stay tuned! 🙂

Hi, 🙂

I passed the exam on Tuesday and wasn´t lazy since then.

Last Changes:

  • Created 3 new levels. ( There are 11 right now. Around 20 levels are planned. )
  • Added some options to the luncher. ( VSync, Antialiasing )
  • Added a list of hotkeys to the construction-mode-hud
  • Fixed some visual glitches
  • Changed/improved the menus a bit

One of the new levels is a space-level. I think it is a good variation, because all other levels are indoor. There are plans to make the space a bit more lively than it is right now.

Here is a current screenshot:

Grappling Hook - Space Level

Hey, 🙂

I have worked hard on Grappling Hook in the last week, because I will have no time to work on it in the next 7 days. I have to learn for my exam. But I can hardly wait to build new levels and work on the final tasks. 🙂

Last Changes:

  • I use Geometry Instancing for the rendering of most parts of the level now. This improved the game performance alot, because the number of draw-calls is heavly reduced. This had many small side effects I had to fix. But it `s done now. 🙂
  • Height shading is now implemented with a shader. Height shading means, that everything that is below your position will be darker and everything that is above will be brigher. This supports orientation. You can see the effect on the screenshot.
  • Heiko, a game developer and good friend, played the game and gave me a lot feedback. Based on his feedback I made many small changes to improve the game and interface. Thank you Heiko. 🙂
  • I worked again on the sound and textures of the electric trap.

Grappling Hook - Height Shading

Hey, 🙂
the end of development comes closer. There is still work to do, but I think it will take less than four weeks. In the next month I will have my last exam and have to learn for it at least seven days. I hope, that I can release a public demo of Grappling Hook at the end of July. 🙂

Latest Changes:

  • many small improvements and fixes based on the last play-test
  • controls for left-handed players
  • fixed the last major issues in the physics system
  • recreated the electricity trap
  • added a space-skybox
  • new options menu to change mouse sensitivity, sound volume and graphics settings

Screenshot of the new electricity trap:

Electricity Trap

Hey, 🙂

I finished the turrets and added a full-screen damage indicator.

It took me quite a long time to create model, textures, sounds and laser-effect for the turret. Coding the AI and animation was done in a few hours.

The turret rotates independently on two axes and fires every 2-3 seconds a railgun-lasershot. Before every shot you can hear the laser charging. This gives you a chance to dodge or hide. You can not destroy the turrets, because Grappling Hook is a non-violent game. 😉 So you have to hide or keep moving. I think that supports the agile gameplay.


Should the turret have a real voice or beep like R2D2?

Hey, 🙂 except playing Mass Effect 😉 , i worked on the HUD of Grappling Hook:

  • new font
  • new crosshair
  • recreated textures
  • new models for pickups, checkpoint and the teleporter

So I almost finished the visual stuff.
Now I will concentrate on an overview map, new levels and the story.

Screenshot: 🙂