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This is a video showing some gameplay from the Arcanox beta:

Download the Android beta client here.

Have fun!

Speedruns (Warning: Spoiler!)

LLCoolDave created several videos of his Grappling Hook speedruns and uploaded them on Youtube. This is one them:

Check out his Youtube-channel for more. I think it is amazing! I didn’t even know, that the levels could be solved that fast.
What are your best times? Share your speedrun-videos and times in this thread!


There are two new reviews:

If [..] you love a challenge this is going to be fantastic for you!

Andy Yates – PC Games and Reviews

[..] “Grappling Hook” is a nicely done, beautiful, and incredibly difficult puzzler that will definitely sate the cravings of the hardcore gaming crowd [..]

Matt –

Hi, 🙂

sorry that this update is a bit late. I was in Bulgaria at a marriage of two friends. 🙂

New Grappling Hook Trailer:

The song is part of the game music among 4 other tracks. The name of the song is Cellule by Silence.

Latest changes:

  • added music to the game
  • polished the levels again 😉
  • Playtests with Fabian, Heiko, and Roger ( Thank you 🙂 )
  • changes some sounds
  • fixed alot of small bugs

Hi, 🙂 I created more levels and even explored a new way to use the Grappling Hook. This is awesome, because I neved planed the feature and it works perfectly and is very cool. MacGyverism, yeayyy!! 😀

There are 15 levels right now. 20 are planned, but when I have more ideas for cool puzzels, then there will be more levels! I always try to make every level unique and the puzzels a bit harder then in the last level.

To prove that not all levels have claustrophobic proportions I recorded this video today: 😉

Hi, 🙂 I recorded a short gameplay video of the labyrinth-level I created yesterday.

I created a trailer of Grappling Hook:

Hope you like it. 🙂

The game is written in Java and I am using the jMonkeyEngine.

Tomorrow I will provide some more information about the technology behind the project.