Hey, 🙂 I’m really proud of Grappling Hook in its current state, because it is very polished and the best thing I have ever created.

Last major changes:

  • Play-Tests with Heiko, Hans,  Charly and Bernhard on their machines. Thank you! 🙂
  • Created 4 new levels. Yes, there are 22 now! Two more than promised, because I could not stop building. ^^
  • Polished and tweaked every level again.
  • You can hear and see now, if your hook-shot was successful or not.
  • Implemented an ingame typewriter-block.
  • The game tells a small story now!
  • Improved the usability.
  • Added a surprise for everyone who will finish the game. 🙂
  • Added a new statistics-screen with a bunch of values like, how many teleporters you have used or how many times you have jumped.
  • Recreated the level-end-screen with your time, records …
  • Added popups to notify when you beat a challenge or your own record.
  • Created many builds to test on different machines and get familiar with deployment.
  • Made some important structural changes.
  • Changed a few things in the engine to get the game running on Vista 64bit.
  • The game will save everything to the userfolder now.
  • Added the credits-screen.
  • Fixed many bugs.

Most open tasks are now related to PR and distribution.
Stay tuned! It is almost finished! 🙂