Grappling Hook Website

Grappling Hook is available for Windows PC, now!

Visit the new website, play the demo, and buy the game.

I’m very excited, because of the release and I hope you will enjoy the game.

For support and feedback visit the forum.

Latest Changes:

  • created a new website for the game  ( Special thanks to Bernhard, Stephan, Erlend, Jens, Boris, John, Jan, Aaron, and Norman for suggestions and advice! 🙂 )
  • created the demo
  • installed the forum
  • tested the full game and demo on multiple PCs ( Special thanks to Stephan, Bernhard, Charles, Erlend, John, Hans, and Roger 🙂 )
  • changed some things so the game runs on Linux ( the Linux version will be released soon. )
  • created an installer for the game
  • written the ReadMes for demo and full game
  • evaluated e-commerce services