Grappling Hook is available on Mac!
Both demo and full-version are available on Mac.
Every owner of a Grappling Hook copy can play the game on every supported platform.
When you own Grappling Hook for Windows and want to play it on your Mac, you can download the Mac version here.

Grappling Hook Demo

Thank you Aaron, Heiko, Norman, Skye, Stephan, Tobias, and Tony for your help and advice!

Eight Free Additional Levels Soon
I’m working on a free level-pack for the full game. It will be released within the next two weeks and will include eight new, unique, and challenging levels.
Some of the new levels are entirely non-linear, so you will be free to decide, what to do next.
The new levels also feature puzzles, where you have to use the Grappling Hook in entirely new ways.

New Review
Bytejacker reviewed Grappling Hook in their latest episode:


Thank you Anthony and Jonathan!